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Tourist Information

The official language of Guayas is Spanish. However in several tourist places like hotels and high-end restaurants, tourists can communicate mainly in English.
Time zone​:
​GMT -5.
Consulates and Embassies:
The province of Guayas can be visited at any time of the year, as it has a warm and temperate climate that does not have extreme temperatures. The climate varies depending on where the canton is located, in the south and north it can be very warm and somewhat rainy while in the center of the province it is usually hot. At any time of the year, you should consider the possibility of having intense sun throughout of the day. It has two seasons: winter (January to May) and summer (June to December). In winter the province is hot and humid during the day. In summer, cool weather during the day and at night.

The province of Guayas has the Integrated Security Service, ECU 911. It provides an immediate response service for emergencies, accidents and disasters that combines the efforts of several local agencies such as the National Police, Armed Forces, Fire Department, National Transit Commission, the Ecuadorian Red Cross, among others.


The ECU 911 has a technological platform that provides video surveillance services, help buttons, community alarms, reception and emergency assistance offices through a single assistance number: 911.


In case of an emergency you can call 911 from any landline or mobile phone, at no cost, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


The National Police, which operates 24 hours a day, are responsible for the prevention and investigation of crimes, apprehension of criminals, control of transportation and the country’s migratory movement. Complaints can be reported to 1800 335486.

The US dollar is the official currency of Ecuador. The paper bills are the same that are used worldwide, however you can find coins minted inside the country. These coins have the same value as the American coins, but only serve within the country.

Euros or other currencies must be converted.

Currency exchange:
It is possible to exchange euros and other foreign currencies in authorized exchange houses, hotels and banks. It is not recommended to make currency changes in the streets.
They can be found very easily throughout the city and various types of cards are accepted. However, it is recommended to have some cash in small towns to cover necessary expenses.
Traveller’s Check:
They can be used in banking entities, however they are not commonly accepted at tourist points.
Credit Cards:
The most accepted cards are Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Club. Check with the establishment if they accept credit cards before making the consumption.
In case of loss of credit cards:
You can communicate with the following numbers to block the card. Diners Club: +593 (02) 2984 444. American Express: 1700 242424. Visa: +1 (303) 967-1096. Mastercard: +1 (636) 722-7111. Note: Telephone numbers of the cards are subject to change by the operating companies.
El sistema de transporte masivo que circula en Guayaquil es la Metrovía. Cuenta con 3 troncales, 4 terminales, 35 rutas alimentadoras que llegan a la troncal principal y 90 estaciones en varios sectores de la ciudad. El costo del pasaje para el público en general es de $ 0.30. Personas con capacidades especiales, estudiantes y personas de la tercera edad pagan $ 0.12. También puede solicitar una tarjeta electrónica recargable para acceder a este servicio.
Los buses que va a las diferentes provincias. Necesitaría este contenido.
Se recomienda no utilizar taxis amarillos informales, que no tengan el distintivo de la cooperativa. Easy Taxi, Cabify y Über son aplicaciones donde se puede solicitar servicio de transportes dentro de la ciudad.
El sistema de transportación en los pueblos rurales son las tricimotos. Los cantones pequeños como Nobol, Yaguachi y Daule utilizan este medio de transportación para distancias cortas.