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Route of Adventure

This route is integrated Bucay, El Triunfo and El Empalme, cantons whose geography invites the practice of sports, especially adventure or extreme, in a natural environment. In addition, it offers the possibility for visitors to camp, hike or go horseback riding.

To access the Adventure Route, an area of ​​abundant vegetation is crossed, especially of sugarcane and banana crops.

A little over an hour’s journey from Guayaquil to El Triunfo and Bucay cantons where you can find several haciendas that promote agro tourism and eco tourism.

Undoubtedly, one of its greatest attractions for those who like nature or adventure sports is the La Esperanza Protected Forest, with a great offer of ecotourism, adventure tourism, bird watching, and has various waterfalls whose highest point reaches 1,200 meters above sea level. You can even go canyoning, which is a rope descent in the middle of the waterfalls.

Other attractions are the Railway in which you can get to Bucay; rafting and other activities on the Chimbo River; the Shuar community in the Limón enclosure; tubing on the San Antonio River of the Matilde Esther enclosure or the Agua Clara spa; or the fresh water spas of El Empalme canton.

  • The canton General Antonio Elizalde Bucay is perfect for the adventurous tourist who likes to enjoy the wonders of Ecuadorian nature. From Guayaquil you can get to Bucay by private car, public transportation and taxi. If you go by private car, the trip is one hour and thirty minutes, while by bus it can take up to two and a half hours. If you decide to go by public transport from Guayaquil, you can take the bus at the Santa

  • Bucay is only a 90 minute drive from Guayaquil and the perfect destination for anyone who loves nature and adventure. Located in a cloud forest, there is plenty of natural greenery for an adrenaline inducing day. Bucay Adventures offers several tour activities for every type of adventure seeker. Hiking to the Waterfalls of Piedra Blanca It is just a 20 minute drive from Bucay in a chiva to the cloud forest. Hike to a handful of waterfalls in the Piedra Blanca region, including Isabela,

  •   The countless natural wonders of Bucay make it the perfect weekend getaway along the Route of Adventure. Nestled in the mountains just outside of the Esperanza cloud forest, Hosteria D'Franco offers a all-inclusive weekend, including transportation from Guayaquil. Saturday Itinerary Tren de la Dulzura Discover the changing landscapes of the Coast: from plantations to the cloud forest, through the historic town of Yaguachi all from the comfort of a newly renovated train. The train leaves from Duran station which is a 30 minute drive from downtown