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Route of the Fishermen

The sea, the mangroves and beautiful natural landscapes are the main feature of the Fisherman’s Route. Accessible by a fast and safe highway, you can be swimming in the beaches of Playas in only 60 minutes from Guayaquil.

It is the ideal place for outdoors rest and relaxation with family or friends. The route starts in Guayaquil where you can start the tour visiting natural places including Puerto Hondo, Cerro Blanco Protected Forest, El Lago Park and gastronomic stops, such as the one located on the entrance to the Progreso rural parish.

The epicenter of the Fisherman’s Route is Playas, with all its charm and infrastructure. From there you can visit a variety of destinations such as Puerto Engabao, ideal for surfing; Engabao and its Paradise Beach; El Morro with its old church and adventure sports. Puerto El Morro is the starting point dolphins observation and marine birdwatching; Data from Posorja with its Varadero Beach. From Posorja you can travel by boat to Puná Island which is endowed with beautiful beaches such as Cauchiche, Subida Alta, Bellavista and Estero de Boca.

Its main attractions are its 32 kms of beaches, its 16 ideal places to surf its waves and its renowned coastal gastronomy.

  • When traveling in Ecuador, the diversity for a small country is astounding. Head south along the Route of the Fisherman for the chance to see dolphins! The El Morro Port is located near Playas (officially known as General Villamil Playas) only a one hour and a half drive from Guayaquil. From El Morro Port you can enjoy an extensive mangrove swamp where crabs are harvested. There is also other fresh seafood including: shells, scallops, and mussels. Dolphin and Bird Watching Tour Once you get to the

  • The small fishing village of Posorja is located on the coast only 100km south of Guayaquil. It is the last stop along the Route of the Fisherman which is accessible by car. You have to pass through endless miles of beautiful beaches and quaint fishing villages to reach Posorja, if you ever need a place to stop and eat some fresh seafood. Spend the day enjoying what Ecuador has an abundance of, nature! For Posorja that means bottlenose dolphins and a

  • With the arrival of a holiday, Guayaquileans can chose a more relaxed and natural destination without having to travel for many hours. Of the many nature based alternatives, for lovers of the camping there is a particular and little-known destination, called "Cerro El Muerto" This particular hill gained its name by its shape of a man lying in the appearance of a corpse, when viewed from a distance. It is located within the parish of El Morro, one of the five

  • Just a one hour drive from Guayaquil and 11km from the General Villamil canton, lies a small rural parish almost unnoticed within the city. Yet, there are still hundreds of tourists who come every weekend to this destination to enjoy its exquisite cuisine, pleasant climate, and a variety of fauna. This peculiar parish is called El Morro, and we detail four activities that you can not miss at this essential stop along the Fisherman's Route. Sailing through the mangroves to go

  • Starting in the bustling main city of Guayaquil, the Route of the Fishermen heads west towards the Pacific Ocean. The main city along the Route of the Fisherman is Playas, which is just a 90km drive. This makes the beachfront destination the perfect one-day getaway for any weekend or holiday vacation. Get your bathing suit ready to enjoy some sand, sun and surf. Breakfast: Bolón at Café de Tere On your way out of Guayaquil, grab a traditional Ecuadorian breakfast, a balón, from the