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Route of Faith

The faith that characterizes the guayasenses, the architecture of the different catholic temples, the histories and myths around them and as well as their patrons, create the route of faith.

Guayas is the only province in the country that has two beautiful cathedrals in two of its cantons. There is Guayaquil, with its beautiful Metropolitan Cathedral San Pedro Apóstol, and Yaguachi, with the Cathedral of San Jacinto. In addition the Route of the Faith includes the cities of Durán, Nobol and Daule.

In this religious tourism the architectural wonders of churches along this route are a great attraction for visitors.

But there are also other beauties such as the natural surroundings and landscapes of these cantons, nuanced by the rivers, where canoe trips can be made, and crops from the local haciendas.

To this the exquisite and popular gastronomy is added. In the case of Durán, the possibility of crossing the facilities of the Railroad and departure point of walks to other localities of the Coast and the Mountain range.

  • Throughout the province of Guayas, faith has played a dominant role in the people's customs and traditions. As a predominantly catholic population, there is an ample offering of beautifully designed churches to experience. Follow along the Route of Faith to explore the amazing architecture, culture and religion that Guayas has to offer. Within Guayaquil, there is the famed Route of the Seven Churches. During the year there are three different religious processions that visit the churches along this route. However, you are free