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A Day Trip to Bucay from Guayaquil, Ecuador

The canton General Antonio Elizalde Bucay is perfect for the adventurous tourist who likes to enjoy the wonders of Ecuadorian nature. From Guayaquil you can get to Bucay by private car, public transportation and taxi. If you go by private car, the trip is one hour and thirty minutes, while by bus it can take up to two and a half hours. If you decide to go by public transport from Guayaquil, you can take the bus at the Santa Martha Corporate Terminal. The ticket is $ 3.25 to Bucay and $ 2.90 back to Guayaquil. If you take a bus, it is best to go on a tour to visit the famous waterfalls of Bucay.

With more than 40 waterfalls Bucay is a perfect day trip to enjoy with friends or family. Bucay Adventures offers an excellent hiking tour to four waterfalls, including Isabela, the highest waterfall in the area. The tour begins in Bucay with transportation to the waterfalls in a colorful chiva. The hike begins through “La Esperanza” cloud forest to reach the waterfalls. At each waterfall you have enough time to snap some photographs and go for a swim under the falls.

At the the last waterfall you have the chance to get your adrenaline pumping with a canyoning experience down the Chorrera del Amor waterfall. All of the safety equipment is included, along with the two canyoning expert guides. After the waterfalls tour it is on to visit a traditional Trapiche, where you learn about the history of cane sugar and enjoy some delicious cane juice that you mill yourself.

After an exciting morning, the tour ends with a traditional Ecuadorian lunch and transportation back to the city of Bucay. It is very important to take into account that the tour includes walking for approximately 1 hour, through potentially muddy forrest, reaching an altitude of 1,400 meters above sea level.

Once the tour is complete it is back to Guayaquil, with enough time to rest before dinner.

If you are looking to go at your own pace, you can also visit the waterfalls on your own, as there is clear signage at the entrance to each waterfall.

Our visit was to the Piedra Blanca waterfalls. While the area consists of seven waterfalls, we only had time to visit four during the tour including:

Mellizas: A twin set of waterfalls of 45 and 60 meters in height.

Chorrera del Amor: The 30 meters tall waterfall you will be canyoning down.

Isabela: The tallest waterfall in Bucay at 90 meters.

Quick facts about Bucay:

Route: Adventure

Itinerary: 1 Day

Climate: 24ºC and a mix of sunshine and fog. The highest altitude is 1,400 meters above sea level.

What do you need to pack:

Comfortable walking shoes that can get dirty, towel, bathing suit, change of clothes, water, waterproof or water protected camera.

How to get to Bucay:

  • Car/Taxi: 90 minutes drive.
    Bus: 1 hour and 30 minutes. Take Cooperativa Santa Martha which leaves from the Terminal Terreste de Guayaquil.

One day in Bucay Video: