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A day of Beaches and Nature along the Route of the Fisherman

Starting in the bustling main city of Guayaquil, the Route of the Fishermen heads west towards the Pacific Ocean. The main city along the Route of the Fisherman is Playas, which is just a 90km drive. This makes the beachfront destination the perfect one-day getaway for any weekend or holiday vacation. Get your bathing suit ready to enjoy some sand, sun and surf.

Breakfast: Bolón at Café de Tere

On your way out of Guayaquil, grab a traditional Ecuadorian breakfast, a balón, from the conveniently located Café de Tere. A balón is a fried green plantain ball stuffed with cheese and bacon, if you so chose.

Café de Tere has several locations around Guayaquil, with the most the most convenient for this trip at Plaza Colonia km 11.5 Vía a La Costa.

Morning: Cerro Blanco protected forest

Just a few minutes drive passed the restaurant spend the morning enjoying the tropical dry forest ecosystem of the Ecuadorian coast at the Cerro Blanco Protected Forest. Hike through the over 6,000 hectares of luscious greenery for a chance to witness the 54 mammal species, 221 bird species, 8 amphibian species, 12 reptiles and more than 700 species of vascular plants.

Lunch: Seafood on the beach

Once you reach the coastal region of Guayas you will be pleasantly surprised at the abundance of fresh, locally caught seafood available on every restaurant’s menu. Pick any any interesting spot to stop for lunch or wait until you arrive in Playas to enjoy a meal on the beach.

Afternoon: Beach hopping in General Villamil Playas

Upon arriving to the city of General Villamil Playas, simply known as Playas, you will find endless stretches of beautiful beaches waiting to be enjoyed. Each beach has its own turn off and parking area from the main road, so be on the lookout for the small signs.

Here you can enjoy the sands of Humboldt beach, Paraíso beach, El Pelado beach, and El Arenal beach. At each beach you can rent a lounge chair and umbrella, or enjoy the sand between your toes from your own towel. Make sure to have a cool drink for a relaxing afternoon on the beach.


As you are heading back through Playas at the end of the day, it is the perfect opportunity to grab a bite to eat. Our favorite spot is Empanadas Chilenas de Playas, which simply serve the best empanadas only two blocks from the beach. Choose from cheese, chicken, pork, beef and vegetable for a delicious way to end the day.

During the busy season there can be a wait, but that only means the freshest empanadas for you to enjoy.

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