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4 activities you can do in El Morro

Just a one hour drive from Guayaquil and 11km from the General Villamil canton, lies a small rural parish almost unnoticed within the city. Yet, there are still hundreds of tourists who come every weekend to this destination to enjoy its exquisite cuisine, pleasant climate, and a variety of fauna. This peculiar parish is called El Morro, and we detail four activities that you can not miss at this essential stop along the Fisherman’s Route.

Sailing through the mangroves to go dolphin watching

From $5 per person, one can embark from Puerto El Morro on an adventure through the extensive green mangroves of the Wildlife Refuge to navigate alongside playful dolphins. The route is also accompanied with sightings of several varieties of birds with a similar fauna to the Galapagos Islands, such as frigate birds, blue footed boobies, pink herons, albatrosses and more.

Enjoy a delicious Lisa Asada on the shores of the Port

Accompanied with patacones and onion sauce, the Lisa Asada is undoubtedly a dish which your palate will be very grateful. Golden scales, white flesh and a delicious scent, is synonymous with the fact that this unique fish is in the right place to be served and tasted. With a price ranging between $3 and $6, tasting Lisa Asada in the port is a mandatory lunch stop for your adventure in El Morro.

Get to know one of the oldest churches in Ecuador

The church of San Jacinto de El Morro, named after the native saint of Poland called San Jacinto de Cracovia, is located at the foot of the central square of the canton of El Morro. Dating back to the 18th century and built with wood and mudbrick, it is visited by tourists and locals alike due to its historical value, being one of the oldest churches in the country that still remain intact.

Cycling or camping at the top of Cerro El Muerto

El Muerto is named for the perception of sailors due to the shape of a man lying with his hands on his chest, from a distant point of view. El Muerto Hill is popular with both adventurers and parishioners, partly because of its ample outdoor activities, as well as for the religious who visit the cave of the Virgin of La Roca at its base.

On the top of the hill you can enjoy a panoramic view overlooking the Playas canton in the distance. The adventurers who choose to camp on this hill, are privileged with a beautiful show of stars due to its consistent clear sky throughout the year.

Travel Video of El Morro