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A Day Watching Dolphins in Posorja, Guayas

The small fishing village of Posorja is located on the coast only 100km south of Guayaquil. It is the last stop along the Route of the Fisherman which is accessible by car. You have to pass through endless miles of beautiful beaches and quaint fishing villages to reach Posorja, if you ever need a place to stop and eat some fresh seafood.

Spend the day enjoying what Ecuador has an abundance of, nature! For Posorja that means bottlenose dolphins and a never ending flock of seabirds.

Dolphins at your doorstep

Pulling out of the harbour it is just a few minute boat ride before you start to see the bottlenose dolphins popping out of the water. The boat slows down, often to a standstill to observe the dolphins at play. This way you can get the best photos and videos with the boat’s movement at a minimum.

The dolphins swim quite quickly, but they are not afraid of the boats. One time a dolphin came up right next to the boat, before ducking back under water. Always have your camera ready, as you do not know when the dolphins will make a show for you.

Bird Watching off Puná Island

After ample time photographing the dolphins the boat then takes you across the waters towards Isla Puná. Here you visit several headlands by boat, where you can see an abundance of seabirds including gulls, herons, pelicans, albatross and mockingbirds. During the right season, you even have the chance to spot some blue-footed boobies!

Once you have gone around several of the outcropped rock formations, it is back to the docks of Posorja to end this exciting nature filled adventure. If you have extra time in your stay, Posorja is also home to 2.5 kilometers of beautiful beaches to swim in the sea and relax in the sun.

For more information about this tour contact Maria Isabel Magallan by phone at +593 985997927 or +593 969415860, or by email at [email protected].

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